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Marina Endodontics, 6511 E. Pacific Coast Hwy, Ste G-3

Long Beach, CA


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Patient Testimonials

I have been a patient of Dr. Sadek since February 2015, after suffering a fall which resulted in trauma to my four front teeth. Since that time Dr. Sadek has been monitoring the condition of these teeth, and I have had a chance to really appreciate what a fine professional he is. He realizes that what he does involves not just a physical, but a psychological component as well, and at each visit he takes the time not only to carefully make his evaluation, but to  then patiently explain what is going on. He has been cautious in his treatment plan, and only after several months of watching and waiting did he recommend a root canal be done on one of my injured teeth. This procedure is not one that people generally look forward to, but I can honestly say that Dr. Sadek did a phenomenal job, which was really pain-free and not at all unpleasant. 


When you visit Marina Endodontics you also have the pleasure of dealing with Eiman Monem, who is the office manager. She is always pleasant and welcoming and goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable and less stressed. Another great thing about Marina Endodontics is that the patient is always able to easily reach Eiman or Dr. Sadek, which is often not the case when dealing with medical professionals in today’s world. 


It is very telling that many general dentists recommend Dr. Sadek to their patients who might need to see an endodontist.  In fact, It was my general dentist who sent me to Dr. Sadek after my fall, and I will be forever grateful to her for this excellent referral. I will continue to see Dr. Sadek going forward, and I highly recommend him to friends, family, and anyone else who might need his services. 



Hello Eiman,

Thank you for the wonderful treatment at your office.

I will be in touch for any and all of my endodontic needs.

Best regards,

Dr. Sadek,
Thank you again for taking on my tooth!  It was a pleasure meeting you and your staff.

Hi Dr. Sadek,

Thank you for checking in. I have not had any pain and it didn't appear to get infected. I am quite impressed and have been sharing my very positive experience with colleagues here at (*****). You did an amazing job and have restored my faith in major dental work.





Hello there,

I like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Ahmed Sadek D.D.S. and Mrs. Eiman for such a professional job you've done today on my special case and on such a short notice.
With all respect and high gratitude,
I. R.

Dear Eiman,
Thank you for taking care of this! Every aspect of my experience at Marina Endodontics was marked with professionalism, honesty and courtesy.  You and  Dr. Sadek make a great team!
                 D. B.

A blog Testimonial:


My experience at your practice was a very positive one.  After my first visit, I felt that your work and doing it well was important to you, and I appreciated your determination in removing the piece of broken tool from that old root canal you were fixing.  I also appreciated that you took the time to explain what you were doing and why; I now know more about the structure of teeth beyond the gum line, and how the progression of an ignored problem leads to the necessity of more serious procedures.  And Eiman, thank you for caring about the comfort of the doctor's patients. Thank you both for being so nice.

This was my first experience having a root canal. Not knowing what to expect, Dr. Sadek explained everything as he proceeded and answered all of my questions and concerns. Long Beach is fortunate to have Marina Endodontics in our community.

Thank you for your great care and interest.  Given that I had not had any major dental work prior, I was nervous about the procedure.  I felt that I was handled with the utmost care and concern.  The environment was very pleasant, and I was impressed by the level of technology in your office.  Dr. Sadek clearly has a great passion for his work and care for his patients.  The registration process was simple and I was treated with kindness and respect.  I was referred to you by my dentist, Dr. (************)  I thanked her for the referral, and made sure she knew how impressed I was with your services.  I would gladly recommend you to other, and have.  
                                                                                                         All the best,

Dear Dr. Sadek,
While going to visit the dentist is not my favorite activity, you made my visits as pleasant as could be under the
circumstances. I am grateful that you could accommodate my work schedule and treat me promptly early in the morning.
During my visits you functioned as the greeter, secretary, biller and endodontist. Truly a one man show!
You anwered my questions while you worked on my tooth effeciently and with very little discomfort. My tooth is now doing
fine.Thank you very much for your care.
                M.S. ,MD

I really love your office and would tell anyone to use you, as I feel I was treated very well . Once again thank you

Ahmed Sadek, DDS, is a true master of his craft.  At each step in the process he took his time to get it right, explained to me what was going on, & backed up what he was saying with supporting x-rays/pictures wherever possible.  He & his staff,  Eiman Monem, stayed way after 5 pm to complete my procedure demonstrating a dedication that put his patients first.  I immediately felt better.  I would even go as far as to say that this root canal was an enjoyable experience.
I did not know this dentist from any other when I began my search, but I now would feel comfortable recommending Ahmed Sadek, DDS to anyone in need of an Endodontist.

Dear Dr. Sadek and Eiman,
I wanted to thank you for such a great experience with my root canal.  I never told you how nervous I am about getting dental work done (although you probably figured that out) but what a pleasant surprise for me to know I was in good hands.  You both are wonderful and kind and I truly appreciate the time you took to explain every step of the process.  I was also very surprised to see how much time Dr. Sadek took to make sure his work was the best he could offer to save my tooth.  You showed patience and concern with such professionalism. Thank you for a great experience!  I am refereeing everyone I know who needs your services.

For a complicated root canal proceedure, I thought it went very well. It was virtually painless, and the lingering pain I had before Dr. Sadek started disappeared in a couple of days! 

Dr Sadek,

I want to personally thank you for the care you provided for my daughter. You explained the procedure (root canal) in complete detail prior to the work being done. You then meticulously and without ANY pain to my daughter performed the procedure. I found your office to be well appointed with state of the art equipment. I would HIGHLY recommend you to anyone who is in need of Endodontic care. It is rare to find someone with such attention to detail and compassion. Keep up the Excellent work and Thank you!

                                                                    Sincerely, P.F.

Dear Dr.Sadek,
                           All I can say is how wonderful my experience was at your office! Your are not only a wonderful dentist,but extremely kind and caring.My tooth is all healed thanks to you. I will refer as many people to you as I can.Your office is very beautiful and relaxing.Your wife was also very kind and helpful. I would have to say it was the most positive dental experience I have ever had!!!! 

Hello Doctor and Eiman,
Considering what I went through, I have never fallen asleep in the dental chair before, so I quess you can say that under the circumstances it was an "enjoyable" experience to get two root canals.  But, seriously Dr. Sadek, I found the work and the care that you did in preparing me for the procedures to be very professional and made the time working on my teeth go by extremely as pleasent as root canals can be.
I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone that may need your skills, I have said so to Dr. *****  as well, and that you and Eiman made me feel very calm and collected.
Thank you again for making me feel the most comfort that I have had in the last 3 months.

You did a GREAT job! I didn't know I was going to need a root canal until 15 minutes before I walked into your office.   You were able to get me in immediately and took care of the problem quickly and efficiently.  I hardly felt a thing! Thanks for your professionalism!

Your office is pleasant, and I have already told several people about my experience there, and recommended you.  Your work was thorough and done with gentleness, kindness, and care.  The office was efficient and also done in a kindly manner.
Thank you for a job well done.

Mrs. & Dr. Sadek,
                              Being in your office made me impressed by the technology, humbled by the care, and satisfied by the excellent work done to my son.
Wish you more success.
                                            M & K.S.

Dear Ahmed and Eiman,
My experience at Marina Endodontics will be remembered forever...First of all the office is extremely peaceful and warm.  The dental equipment was all new and very technical.
I had a tooth that was neglected for about 10 years.  It needed a root canal.  I have had the old style root canal, bloody, painful, loud and the preceded drilling seemed to last the whole day through.
Not so at Marina Endodontics.  The tooth and surrounding areas were completely numb through out the drilling portion.  There was no mess because of the dental dam device.  The root canal lasted about 1 1/2 hours.
In fact I fell asleep...
The following day there was no swelling or pain.  Dr. Ahmed Sadek called the next day to check in with my healing process and he followed up with an email.
Marina Endodontics is a professional and modern dental office.  I will tell my friends and family about the experience.
Thank you 
P. D.

 Dr. Sadek came highly recommended from my general dentist. I was very pleased with his professionalism, and the fact that he put me at ease. I came in rather nervous because I required two re-treats. Both molars had underlying infections. Dr.Sadek was very thorough. X-rays taken two months after the retreats revealed that I was healing. Thank you Dr. Sadek!

Dr. Sadek you're the BEST!!! 
I have had so much dental work done ( including root canals) in the past and I've seen so many dentists, some good, some were really bad I know what I'm talking about when I say Dr. Sadek is GREAT!! He is so nice and caring, I was so relaxed during treatment that I slept (I hope I didn't snore hahahahaha). I've been recommending him to everyone I know. Dr. Sadek saved my tooth. I can't say Thank You enough! 
Emma S. A.

It was definitely a great experience to receive treatment at Dr. Sadek's office. The office has quite a friendly atmosphere and is designed with patient comfort in mind. Whether it be the  seamless electronic check-in/documentation procedures or Dr. Sadek's professionalism and expertise, Marina endodontics provides the best (state of the art) endodontal care.

Dear Dr. Sadek, 
                            Thank you so much for the experience of a "Root Canal" with NO PAIN! I didn't know wether to believe you after my last 2 R.C. times (( at another endodontists office)), but you did everything you promised + MORE!
You & Eiman put me so at ease that you've now TAKEN away any fears I may have had. Great News for me since I'm sure I'll be needing you again some day. Trust I will always Refer you! 
Thank you again-
Your expertise was excellent!
Super Job!
My Best to you,  

Dr. Sadek is a very careful endodontist who strives to do what's best for his patients teeth and dental health. He is willing to spend more time with a patient if needed to get the job done right without charging extra money for his good services.
I'm glad he took care of my difficult root canal and was able to save my tooth.


Just wanted to say how it has always been a pleasant experience, if that is possible, to have you two working with me on taking care of every issue that has come up concerning my teeth.  Very professional in your approach to calming down and rectifying my issues that arises from problems with my teeth.  If I have anymore problems in the future I will not hesitate to see you again.



Dear Dr. Sadek,

I want to take the opportunity to thank you for your treatment last Thursday, and fitting me in the schedule on such short notice.
You mentioned you would like to know my progress in recovery.  We had the procedure done around 4:00 PM on Thursday.  Within 24 hours, the pain was a distant memory.  By Friday evening as I get ready for bed, I am completely pain free.  I can't believe it took 6 weeks of dealing with this issue you resolved in a day!
Thank you for all you do.  I am truly impressed with your dental practice.  You and Eiman run such a professional and efficient practice which I've never seen before, and I've had many dentists in my life time.  You sir, are an inspiration.   
Thanks again.


Thank you for a great Job. Best root canal ever!!